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Restaurant inside the Hotel

Seasonal dishes for the dinner


Salad from Irma’s garden with Treviso salad, sesame € 4,00
Smoked duck breast with apples in wine € 12,00
Tagliatelle with leeks and speck € 12,00
Baked tometta with onions and potatoes € 17,00
Diplomat cream and morellos tartlet € 5,00




Assorted cold meats

Mushrooms, quail eggs, bacon and poppy seeds salad

Leeks, bacon and fontina with tomato and cheese sauce

Reblec with vegetables and berries’ vinaigrette (V)

Raw St. Marcel ham and chestnuts

Hot hors d’oeuvre
Carpaccio with celery ice cream  and raspberries’ vinaigrette

Lillaz’s smoked trout with burrata cheese and basil

Fondue with croutons of brown bread  (V)

Millefeuille of aubergines, buffalo milk mozzarella and basil (V)

Crusted egg yolk with Gruyère Duchée d’Aoste cheese, spinach and black truffle

€. 12,00


Barley dumplings with cheese, thyme “ Paradisia Speciality” (V)

Risotto with wild mushroom (2 persons)

Spaghetti fuego

Pappardelle with venison ragout and olives

Cannelloni “Notre Maison”

Rye tagliolini with crayfish and zucchini

Ravioli Valpellinetze with broad beans cream

Cream of carrots with purple potatoes and hazelnuts(V)

Vegetable soup with spelt and aromatic herbs (V)

Soup of Gran Paradiso with chestnuts, potatoes, leeks, bacon canapé

€. 12,00



Fillet of pork with fruit mustard €. 17,00

Skewer of mixed meats €. 19,00

Sausage with fennel seeds €. 19,00

Lamb cutlets perfumed with thyme €. 20,00

Minute veal  steak €. 16,00

Chicken  with cinnamon sauce  €. 16,00

Tip of the calf with grapefruit, fruits and hazelnuts sauce  €. 16,00

Sliced beef with black pepper and thyme €. 18,00

Mixed grill: lamb*, turkey, pork, sausage, beef €. 20,00

The meats cooked on a stone are served with their side dish


Braised ham of Saint-Oyen with apple sauce and potato €. 16,00

Jugged deer* with juniper and polenta €. 17,00

Wild Boar*cutlets in beer sauce and polenta €. 17,00

Snails à la Parisienne €. 18,00

Steak Tartare €. 18,00

Kidneys stir fried with Cognac and polenta €. 16,00


Lillaz Trout with aromatics herbs, dried fruits, salads €. 18,00

Steamed Salt Cod with peppers and polenta €. 18,00

Slice of salmon in a pastry crust with horseradish sauce and vegetables €. 18,00


Poached egg with peas sauce and wild mushrooms (V) €. 16,00

Fried Fresh cheese with potatoes’ rösti and bluberries sauce(V) €. 15,00

Vegetables caponata, shallot sweet and sour, Provencale tomatoes and pine nuts (V) €. 15,00

Choice of local cheeses from €. 7,00 to €. 17,00

Cover €. 3,00


Boiled ham €. 6,00

Polenta with milk €. 6,00

Penne with cream and ham €. 6,00

Barley dumplings with tomatos sauce €. 6,00

Purée of vegetables with croûtons €. 6,00

Little breaded veal cutlet with Garnish €. 9,00

Little veal or turkey steak with Garnish €. 9,00

Little beef Hamburger with Garnish €. 9,00

Little chicken leg with Garnish €. 9,00

Omelette with ham €. 6,00

* product frozen.

The gastronomic preparations on the menu may contain allergens