Park Quality Trademark

marchio_qualita_parcoNotre Maison got the prestigious recognition of the National Park Gran Paradiso. With the collective quality trademark, the park certifies the businesses making efforts to improve the quality both of the raw materials and the manufacturings and – more in general – of the environmental sustainability of their own activities in compliance with the principles and values of the protected area.

Wellness Valle d’Aosta

wellness_piccoloSince 2001, Notre Maison has been part of the Club Wellness Valle d’Aosta, an association combining many of the most fascinating and valuable hotel facilities in Valle d’Aosta, specialized in offering the guests cutting-edge wellness services. All wellness centres  distinguish themselves for their quality and unique atmosphere. You cannot miss this combination of tradition, nature and innovation.

Charme & Relax

logo_charmerelax_traspSince 2002, Notre Maison has been part of Charme & Relax hotels, the most important group of Italian hotel of charme. To be part of it, the atmosphere of your hotel locations must be suggestive, your hotel staff must be kind and professional, your hotel services must be premium and your hotel must be in a special place. In 2008, Notre Maison was awarded as best hotel of the group for our warmhearted  and kind hospitality.

Hotels-Chalets de Tradition

logo-chalets-de-tradition-traspSince 2008, Notre Maison has been part of Hotels-Chalets de Tradition, a selection of independent hotels situated in the best winter resorts of Savoy and Valle d’Aosta. All hotels must have a traditional wood and stone chalet style, in a homey atmosphere.

Saveurs du Val d’Aoste

saveurs_piccoloNotre Maison got the quality mark Saveurs du Val d’Aoste which identifies the business establishments where, thanks to the owners’ professionalism and know-how, you can taste or buy local products with guaranteed quality and origin, try traditional recipes in typical regional locations.

VIVA Valle d’Aosta

vivaIn Valle d’Aosta there are many protected areas, botanical alpine gardens and naturalistic paths. This heritage is part of VIVA trademark – Regional Nature System – to promote the tourist fruition of the protected areas based on the ecosustainability principles. VIVA is a geographical area, a network and the authentic lifestyle of a unique natural region. VIVA means discovery and investigation on the environment, endless updating of information merging in the Biodiversity Regional Observatory. With this trademark, Notre Maison certifies its full harmony with the surrounding nature.